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Build powerful digital solutions with machine learning faster than you ever thought possible and receive data-driven insights and results immediately.

Why BuiltOn?

Save Time

80% of the work has already been done! Why waste your most valuable resources, time and people, on rebuilding backend functionality. Our Building Blocks are ready to go so your team can focus on adding true value building solutions and ensure project success!

Added Capabilities

The BuiltOn APIs are the foundation of every digital business, Users, Products, Orders, Payments, and with our Subscriptions, Webhooks and Machine Learning, you can give your clients instant data driven solutions - it’s like having your own team of Data Scientists.

Superior Support

Developers love our Docs. Get access to our dev team right from your BuiltOn Dashboard. Get in touch about your project or any other questions about our APIs, ML, Webhooks or Pricing. Your project success is our mission, and we are here to make it happen.

Data Driven Performance

Besides our integrated ML tools, we also provide deep insights into your clients’ data. Churn analysis, price optimization, customer loyalty and other custom solutions, built specifically for your project’s needs. True data driven results = better business decisions.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Help your clients leverage their data! Use our integrated ML tools and help them offer improved customer experiences - out of the box. With our ML APIs they can personalize their products and services to achieve happier customers and improved results.

No Maintenance - Less Risk

Software projects have high fail rates! We’ve built, tested and proven our APIs to be scalable and reliable. Why risk building a new integration? Why waste time, money and resources on maintaining a backend or on managing scalability? Sleep better knowing we got your back!

The future is data driven!

Find out how BuiltOn can help increase sales,

retain customers and limit churn!

Become an Agency Partner!

Are you an Agency, Consultancy or Enterprise wanting to deliver faster with less effort and fewer resources? Ask us about our Partner Program.

Get to market faster with BuiltOn. Speed is vital for your projects. Our platform allows you to create engaging and exceptional solutions in record time. It's tested and proven. And with our integrated ML tools, you can deliver smart solutions without a team of data scientists. Building on us will take you from idea to working application in weeks, not months.

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Built on BuiltOn

With BuiltOn, Squeeze bootstrapped their web based appointment booking application for their chain of massage clinics and membership program in less than 3 weeks - from nothing to a complete up and running application in no time!

Squeeze Logo

Thanks to BuiltOn, payments app Payr could focus on their business logic – growing from 0 to 1 mill. requests per month. An integration with Smart Invoice Recognition using OCR (AI ML) greatly improved the customer experience.

Payr Logo

Self storage provider Kubert built and launched their subscription service in record time on BuiltOn - our SMART APIs delivered a complete scalable application, able to leverage built-in AI capabilities from day 1.

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Build digital commerce solutions faster and easier on Smart APIs with built-in Machine Learning: Products - Services - Orders - Payments - Users.

API Overview

Instant ML

BuiltOn APIs have Machine Learning capabilities baked into them. Your data is automatically fed into our ML tool set giving instant access to out-of-the-box AI solutions.

Instant ML Models
  • Products
  • Tags
  • Pricing
  • Currencies
  • Webhooks
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  • Subscriptions
  • Webhooks
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  • Orders
  • Addresses
  • Resources
  • Webhooks
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  • Payment gateways
  • Transactions
  • Webhooks
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  • Customers
  • Webhooks
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Create, train and automatically deploy personal recommenders, similarity and complementary ML models all in one step with our APIs!

Create your first order

Start creating your first orders simply and straightaway with our JavaScript SDK.

Follow and monitor order status on the dashboard.

const { current, page, paginationTotal } = await builton
  .get({ size: 10, urlParams: { sort: "-created" } });
console.log(`Got product: ${}`);

const body = {
    items: [{ product: <product-id>, quantity: 1 }],
    currency: 'USD',
    delivery_address: {
        street_name: 'DELIVERY_STREET_NAME',
        zip_code: 'DELIVERY_ZIP_CODE',
        city: 'DELIVERY_CITY',
        country: 'DELIVERY_COUNTRY',

const order = await builton.order().create(body);

console.log(`Order created: ${} (${order.human_id})`);


BuiltOn offers transparent, scalable pricing with no hidden costs. Try us out for a month and then get 100,000 API calls per month in our basic tier subscription. Or contact us directly to set up enterprise pricing for your specific needs.