BuiltOn now supports Vipps!

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Vipps is a Norwegian mobile payment application, designed for smartphones and developed by DNB. It is widely used in Norway as a payment method, is supported by most Norwegian banks and is now Norway’s largest payment application.


Over 75% of the Norwegian population has used Vipps to transfer money. Other mobile payment apps would kill for that kind of market penetration. Consider Venmo (owned by Paypal) in the U.S. who reached 40 million users in 2019. That’s just barely over 12% of the American population.

Although the U.S. isn’t exactly leading the world in mobile payment adoption.  The thinking is it’s all about friction at the register. The U.S. and others like the U.K. and Australia already have a ton of touchless credit and debit cards floating around, which are arguably even easier to pull out and pay with than your phone. Adoption is much better in countries where the primary other option was cash, which is a hassle. Or in China, a bit differently, Alibaba and Tencent fought over customers, and since they deal with both sides of the transaction, you don’t see as much demand for credit cards to get in the middle of things.

So, as we’re based in Oslo, we’ve launched our Vipps integration! To set it up, head over to Settings on your BuiltOn dashboard. You’ll find it under your payment providers list

Payment providers

You can check out our docs to see a bit more about how to implement the new feature in your app.  Don’t hesitate to ping us in the chat box if you have any questions or need any help figuring it out.

And remember, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is expected to be fully enforced by December 31, 2020. If you remember the Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), SCA is a big part of that. We’ve helped a few of our clients with the ins and outs of implementing the flow, so feel free to contact us about that if you have any questions as well. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out our docs about SCA implementation.

We’re working to expand the number of payment providers on our list of integrations. If you have a project in mind that could really use BuiltOn’s headless ecommerce foundation and want an additional payment provider supported, please reach out!