Want more flexibility than Shopify offers?

Sofien Lazreg, Lead Developer @ BuiltOn.dev on .

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Shopify is a great product, but sometimes you want the freedom to customize and evolve your product as you see fit. With BuiltOn’s building blocks, you can build exactly what you want with flexibility of a headless solution, and get AutoML tools. Save time and resources by not building everything from scratch. Import your Shopify Products into BuiltOn and fust focus on what’s important.


In this blog post, we show you how to bulk import Shopify products (or any CSV of  product data) into our API by using your service account. 


Don’t worry, they’re all free.

Step 1. Export your products from Shopify

You will find the export to CSV functionality in the Products page on your Shopify admin dashboard. Simply select ‘All products’ and export as a plain CSV file.

Spotify 1

Step 2. Run our import_products python script

  • Clone our code examples repository and navigate to the `import_products_from_shopify_csv` folder. 
  • Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` (we recommend you use a virtual environment in python3).
  • You will be prompted to enter your BuiltOn API key and service account key.
  • After you enter your keys, the script will start uploading your products to BuiltOn.

Have a look at the script to see how you can customize it for your use case. The script uses our Python SDK, and you can map any fields you want to our Product object. Besides the regular properties in the object, we also support dynamic properties so you can transfer any information you desire about your products, like vendor or weight.

And voilà, you are ready to use the power of BuiltOn:  

  • Worry-free serverless scalability; you’re not paying if you’re not using.
  • Instant access to tested, proven Building Blocks that save you time and effort. We do the boring stuff so you can focus on building your business logic.
  • Flexibility with service accounts, webhooks and SDKs.
  • Access to machine learning solutions from Day 1.