The 5 Superpowers of Webhooks

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Webhooks are much like the SMS notifications of the internet. They allow your online accounts and app to “talk” to each other when something new happens. It can be anything - a new subscriber to your newsletter, a failed payment or a shipped product.


Think of them as an “if this, then that” recipe that makes it easier and less costly to run a business, and because webhooks are proactive rather than reactive, they have many superpowers.

Superpower #1

Webhooks can streamline your workflows so you get higher efficiency with fewer headaches. For example, you can send a question from your website directly to the Slack channel of your Customer Success team and simultaneously open a support ticket automatically for your developers to solve.

Superpower # 2

Receive real-time information from all your applications. Get updates on the status of payments from your payment provider. You’ll know which were successful or failed and appropriately communicate with your end customer.  

Superpower #3

Respond to things without user interaction. If your shipping partners have webhooks, you can easily notify your clients about the whereabouts of their shipment in real-time. Frequent updates = happy clients! 

Superpower #4

You can create great user experiences and increase customer satisfaction. When an unhappy customer cancels their account, you can get notified and follow up with them automatically. This can be a simple follow-up to show that you care about their feedback or an offer that might persuade them to stay. 

Superpower #5

Synchronize your data across all applications. Update CRMs, like Salesforce, every time a customer changes some information on your website or app. Gone are the days of manually updating databases!

Webhooks are a multifaceted tool that can streamline many different processes, provide real-time data, and help get things done more efficiently. They have a flexible nature and can be integrated and implemented everywhere. 

If you are curious about what webhooks can do for you, reach out to us for a chat!