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Why are there always annoying banners on every website telling me they use cookies? Basically, some well meaning people made a law trying to protect you from clever programmers collecting data about you and the things you do online without your knowledge or consent. Now we’re stuck with annoying banners linking you to long, convoluted terms and conditions like this one.

What are cookies?

What you’re being warned about are text files that your web browser (like Chrome, Safari, etc.) stores on your device. Cookies have become ubiquitously used for things like authentication (e.g. automatically logging in to your Youtube or Amazon profile), storing website preferences, etc. They also can be used to track everything you do on the sites you visit. Poorly designed cookies can contain your username and password for a site, and there are even criminals that use them to try to collect and steal your personal information. So, you should use caution and judgement when you’re visiting unfamiliar sites. But, the vast majority of cookies are just tools that programmers use to make your life easier and their organizations better.  

How We Use Cookies

Our public website,, has a list of cookies we use mostly for security or to see how people use the site (see table below).  Our website for customers, i.e. their dashboard, primarily uses cookies to make it easier to use the site. Below is some more info on how we use cookies:

  • To make our sites work - Certain functionality on our sites, like logging in, require the use of cookies. Other functions just make using the sites better.

    • Authentication - So we don’t have to ask you to login every time you access your dashboard.

    • Usability - To remember your preferences when you search, sort or filter information on the dashboard.

    • Function - We use Flash Cookies for storing your company’s and users’ profile settings.

  • To Analyze and Improve our Services - We use cookies to learn how people use our sites and how we can improve them and our services and products.

  • Third Party Analytics - We use third party analytics, like Google Analytics, to learn about who visits our site, for how long and similar info.

How To Manage Cookies

You can probably make changes to your cookie preferences in your web browser, i.e. delete or disable them. You should consult the help section of whichever browser you’re using, and we’ve collected the below links to offer you some more information.  Note, if you turn off our cookies, some features on our site may not work properly.​

Cookie Table

  • Here is the list of cookies that our BuiltOn website uses.


Website cookies
Website cookies overview

  • Here is the list of cookies that our dashboard’s website uses.

Dashboard cookies overview
Dashboard cookies overview

See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use data.