Pre-Built ML Models

No more cleaning, no more setting up pipelines! Create, train and automatically deploy personal recommendation, similarity and complementary ML models all in one step with our APIs!

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ML made EASY

AI is not the future, it is the present. Large companies like Amazon have set the precedent for what users expect from digital commerce platforms. BuiltOn's easy to use APIs, with client SDKs, give you the ML tools you need to present users with the products and services they like.

  • NO data science experience needed
  • NO start-up fees
  • NO data cleaning
  • NO manual deployment needed
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Use our building blocks to automatically collect and store data that is plugged into our ML toolset. BuiltOn APIs have Machine Learning capabilities baked into them. If you are using our platform, you are only one step away from making your solutions SMART, quicker than ever before.

With a simple click of a button, you get results in production, with no need for a data science team and no servers to worry about.

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Recommendation models
  • Product Recommenders for Users
  • Content Based Product Recommender
  • Matrix Factorisation Product Recommender
  • Product Popularity Recommender
  • Lead Generator
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Similarity models
  • Similar Users
  • Similar Products
  • Similar Tags
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Complementary models
  • Complementary Items
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All you need is a Developer and some data and you can train and deploy ML models into production in seconds!

AI with BuiltOn

Create your first ML model today!

Sign-up is quick and easy. No credit card required. Check out our Docs for more information on our models, what they do and which one is right for your solution. Start building smarter now.

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For Advanced ML capabilities, use our APIs to generate custom models that fit your needs. Check out our Docs!

Create, train and automatically deploy our ML models in one click

With BuiltOn, setting up ML models is simple, quick and cost effective. All our ML tools are included in our Basic plan. Simply select a model and click 'train' and the model is created, trained and deployed, based on your company data. Get results in production instantly, with no need for a data science team and no servers to worry about. All from one dashboard.

ML dashboard

Compare performance of model versions

See all your active models on one screen. In addition to seeing the status, you can view Precision and Recall box-plot graphs, allowing you to compare performance.

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Data Driven Results

Access to ML tools has never been easier. By empowering developers, BuiltOn lowers the threshold to set up ML-based data driven commerce solutions FAST. Any application can finally be built with Amazon-like features, allowing companies of all sizes to compete on a level playing field and improve business performance.


BuiltOn offers immediate results without the need for expensive investment in infrastructure or resources. You become your own data science team and you never have to worry about managing servers. ML tools with unlimited scalability let you improve your customers' experience and give you room to grow.


There is no start-up fee when using our ML models. We don't charge per model trained or version created. All our ML tools are at your disposal from day 1. No hidden fees. No premium features behind a paywall. Just the ML tools you need to be a data driven business.

Can't find what you're looking for?

The BuiltOn team develops custom ML solutions, as well. Through our platform, we are able to evaluate data, test hypotheses and create solutions FAST. Churn prediction, price optimization and custom recommendation engines are among the services we provide. Contact us about doing your Proof of Concept now.

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